The Estate

Sunday March 8th, 2020 The interview at the bank went very well but after a few weeks I received an email saying that they didn’t need anyone after all… Working in a factory is… I don’t know what word will describe it best. You don’t see the light of day; everything is monitored, even theContinue reading “The Estate”

Job Opportunities

Saturday, June 16th 2018 I am lost again. A month and a half ago I quit my job as a housekeeping supervisor. It was too much pressure for me and I had a problem with the lack of organisation of the hostel as well as with the communication between the manager and the teams ofContinue reading “Job Opportunities”

Need To Reconnect With Nature

Tuesday, April 25 2017 I went to town to buy a bicycle but I realised that with not having a home and not being sure of staying in Oban at the end of my contract, it was wiser not to buy one. I discovered a very interesting blog to teach myself the basics of photography.Continue reading “Need To Reconnect With Nature”

Looking For The Right Place

Friday, March 24th 2017 Aviemore. After two days, I was crying. I had nothing in common with the people at the hostel nor those in the village. Everyone was there to hike or climb mountains. They go to bed at 8.30pm and get up at 6.30am! The third day, Natalie arrived. She is from Glasgow.Continue reading “Looking For The Right Place”

Still Trying

Friday, March 10th 2017 I haven’t got the job at the call centre. Everything went well but I showed my lack of confidence regarding my English level. Last week was my birthday. My friends at the hostel offered me chocolate cupcakes and a bottle of rum. They are utterly adorable. In the meantime, I receivedContinue reading “Still Trying”

Visiting And Job Searching

Wednesday, March 1st 2017 It’s been 2 weeks since I arrived in Edinburgh, Scotland. I fell in love with this country as soon as I arrived. The feeling, long sought, of feeling like “home”. The first week I went to explore the city. I visited the castle and its museum, which moved me. It isContinue reading “Visiting And Job Searching”