What’s Next?

In six weeks, everything will be over. In six weeks, I will prepare myself to leave Australia and my “better” life. I have tried everything to get another visa in order to extend this better life but it’s hopeless. People ask me what my plans are once I’m back “home”, but my mind refuses toContinue reading “What’s Next?”

Friendship And Unexpected Decision

August 2014 I think that you can learn from everyone you meet in your life. Every person who crosses your path has something to teach you. I don’t underestimate the relationships I have created with the other foreign people in Australia. I have learnt a lot from them through their culture and also through theirContinue reading “Friendship And Unexpected Decision”

2 Months Later…

August 2014 I don’t know where to start. I feel like I have already lived a whole year in two months because things are changing fast here and emotions are increased tenfold. Everything is more intense. Let’s start with the shared house. The house Julie and I moved in to was very big but feltContinue reading “2 Months Later…”

First week, First Impressions

June 10th, 2014 Paris-Dubaï/Dubaï-Perth in 17 hours covering a distance of 14,277 kilometres and with only a 45 minutes’ break between flights. The panic of these last few days has disappeared and given way to emptiness. After saying goodbye to my family, who accompanied me to the airport, my mind has begun to leave behindContinue reading “First week, First Impressions”