28th March 2020

This is the first weekend since the announcement of the lockdown. I am amazed and speechless when I see the behaviour of some people who don’t seem to take it seriously! Starting with the management team of the estate I am working/living on who, the morning after the announcement, told us it was “business as usual”! I can’t believe how smart people aren’t capable of taking sensible decisions in times like these, especially when you can see what it is like in other countries in Europe and all over the world.

Yet, yesterday, I heard that some people in the area were going to play tennis together in the evening. They think they are safe because they are friends and it is a small community and they live in the countryside. They have not understood yet that anyone can catch the virus, no one is safe! With that kind of behaviour, who knows what type of measures they will take to protect themselves when they go to buy food or outside on their daily exercise?!

Anyone can have the virus without getting the symptoms and therefore can transmit it to someone else and spread it. It is life or death and people need to wake up and take their responsibilities seriously in order to save themselves, their family and friends, their country and the world. This is a serious matter!

People like me, who are interested in spirituality, expected something like this to happen. By reading a lot and communicating with people who share the same interest, I have come to understand that the Earth’s energy level has been elevating in recent decades and that people’s energy levels have also been elevating in order to fit in to this “new Earth”. Unfortunately, those who won’t be able to fit in will “disappear”.

Knowing that for a while now, and knowing for the last few years that the vibrations and changes on Earth were accelerating, I knew it wouldn’t take long before something that would kill a lot of people would happen. I don’t know why but I always expected a flood, not a global virus.

What reassures me is my belief that anyone of us who is dying is going back to the universe and will be taken care of. Death is not the end; it is a new beginning to another life.

I also think that this is a wake-up call. We have not been treating our planet as we should. We have been abusing everything and taking it for granted, except the Earth has had enough and expects more respect from us. We need to come back to what is essential and get back to nature. Live a simpler life and get rid of what is not essential, find our true values again: natural food, good health, spending time with friends and family in “real life” and not behind a screen, not being in the past nor the future but in the moment, laughing a lot!

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