Visiting And Job Searching

Wednesday, March 1st 2017

It’s been 2 weeks since I arrived in Edinburgh, Scotland. I fell in love with this country as soon as I arrived. The feeling, long sought, of feeling like “home”.

The first week I went to explore the city. I visited the castle and its museum, which moved me. It is dedicated to Scottish soldiers.

Staying in a hostel, I have met people from everywhere around the world (Japan, China, New-Zealand, South Korea, Nigeria, Mexico, but mainly Spanish people). As usual I am sociable but I like to be by myself, especially to get used to my surroundings and people.

The second week I explored the country. I visited the city of Stirling. It is a very charming little town with its castle and the National Wallace Monument and its 246 steps that take you to the summit. Then I went to visit Aberdeen, on the East coast. Not much to say about this town because I spent most of my time on the beach enjoying the blue sky and sunshine. Then I went to the town of Inverness, the capital of the Highlands. I saw huge mountains with their summits in the clouds and covered with snow, little rivers running from the top to our feet. To end my tour, I left Inverness by coach and passed by Loch Ness, which looks like an ocean more than a loch. From there I reached the town of Portree on the Isle of Skye on the West coast.

I’ve been back to Edinburgh for three days now. It was time for me to look for a job. One week was obviously not enough so I gave myself a little more time to find my place in this country. I went to the hospital, but all applications are done online. I went to the castle, but recruitment is only done once a year and it ended in February. I’ve been asked to come back next year… Yesterday I went to job centres, but all they have got is housekeeping jobs – they couldn’t offer me any more opportunities because I need at least six months of professional experience in the country. Feeling the tears filling my eyes and discouragement on the horizon, I turned my “warrior” mode on and went to tourism agencies to be a tour guide. No success either…

Back at the hostel, I was overtaken by a big loss of confidence and so I told myself that I will accept being a housekeeper because I won’t find anything better and I have to find a job quickly before I run out of money. It is absolutely out of the question that I go back to France. Then, after a moment, I was back in my warrior state of mind and so I went online to apply for jobs at the hospital. Unfortunately, nothing was fitting my skills. Last option before starting a housekeeping career: call centres.

I applied to two jobs online. It’s to work in call centres and speak in French. Yesterday, they phoned me for an interview. I went this morning and it’s actually a recruitment agency that has got two jobs for me. I took an hour’s test and they gave me another appointment in a week to prepare the interview, which will be held the following week with the team leaders of each of the two companies. I am relieved that everything went well today; it has given me more confidence, even though I know that nothing is done yet. But after all the downs in looking for a job, a day like this makes me feel good.

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