Still Trying

Friday, March 10th 2017

I haven’t got the job at the call centre. Everything went well but I showed my lack of confidence regarding my English level.

Last week was my birthday. My friends at the hostel offered me chocolate cupcakes and a bottle of rum. They are utterly adorable. In the meantime, I received another phone call to work in a call centre and it got me thinking, because for my previous interview I had to buy high heels, a black jacket and put on a dress. It is not me at all! I was not comfortable and, therefore, not confident at all, and even though I don’t know what to do with my life, I know that I don’t want a job where I have to fake being someone I am not. I don’t think I am made to live in a city. I still have enough money to try somewhere else.

When I went to Inverness a few weeks ago, the bus to go back to Edinburgh stopped in Aviemore. It’s a town situated in the national park of the Cairngorms. The bus stopped only a few minutes but I had the time to fall in love with this little town surrounded by the mountains. In Inverness, I was told that I would have more chances of finding a job in Edinburgh, so looking for a job in Aviemore seems hopeless.  Not knowing what to do right now though, I have decided to follow my heart.

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