Road Trip

September 6, 2014

I didn’t know where to go after Bremer Bay. I had no plan. I knew, through an acquaintance in my hometown, an Australian woman who lived in Cairns that I wanted to meet. I took a plane from Perth.

Once in Cairns, I realized immediately that I didn’t like the city. I didn’t like my hostel either. I spent a week being sad and talking to no one.  I took the time to go and see the Australian woman and her husband; they lived 30 minutes from Cairns in a small town called Palm Cove. What a lovely place and what wonderful people they both are! It was the first time I had felt good since leaving my Belgian friend. Palm Cove is situated on the coast, where there are restaurants, shops and hotels, and everything is facing the sea. You can find signs on the beach that warn you about the crocodiles you can find in the sea if you dare go for a swim.

In Cairns, I took the decision to drive the East coast to Sydney to discover the country. However, I was told it would cost me a lot of money and I realized that I couldn’t afford the trip. Two girls in my room at the hostel told me that it would be cheaper to do it by coach so I went to the office of Greyhound Australia Coaches but couldn’t find it. I entered a store to ask my way. I didn’t know it was a travel agency for students. The girl at the desk, Carolina, told me that they sold trips with Greyhound and packages with a lot of activities along the way to Sydney. The price was not that expensive so I thought “why not?”.

I wasn’t so excited; I just wanted to reach Sydney as soon as possible and especially leave Cairns! I bought the cheapest package and 2 days after I was on my way to Sydney. But first, my tour started with two activities in Cairns which were a tour in Atherton Tablelands and a day on Green Island. I really began to feel better on Green Island, it was so peaceful and quiet! You can do the tour of the island by foot in a couple of hours. There is a park with crocodiles and also big green trees. It looked like paradise.

Then, I took the coach to my first stop: Townsville. From there, I took a boat to Magnetic Island. Magnetic Island: best hostel ever! It is situated on the beach, with bedrooms made of wood and directly on the sand and under the trees with a view of the ocean. The only sounds you can hear are the birds and the waves. The negative point is that you need a car to visit the island; it’s not like on Green Island where you can do the entire tour on foot. But that’s where I finally saw my favourite animal: a koala with its baby! What a magic moment I lived! Best sunset ever as well as I was on the top of a hill.

Then it was time for me to leave, next stop: Airlie Beach to see the Whitsunday. Most beautiful place ever! I had never seen a beach so beautiful! You don’t realize it at first when you arrive by boat, but then the guide takes you to the top of a hill and this is where you can see all the beauty of it. The colour of the water, the islands. Back on the beach, the multiple colours of the fish in the sea, the softness of the sand… I even saw dolphins. Another magical moment on the East coast.

After Airlie Beach, it was time for me to go to Noosa (my last stop before Sydney) to visit the national park. Noosa is one of those places where you don’t do and see a lot but you meet very good people. Actually, I was never alone during my trip. I met people all the way (from France, England, Finland, Belgium and Malaysia). I really enjoyed my freedom and the possibility to do what I wanted when I wanted and to leave these places when I wanted. On the other hand, I often felt lonely. This sentence from the film “Into the wild” is so true: “Happiness is only real when shared.” And I had no one to share these magical moments with… My eternal lack of affection didn’t help me to feel better; I have to learn how to accept this situation, manage it and live with it.

I finally reached Sydney. What a deception. It confirmed that I really don’t like big cities. All I wanted was to leave as soon as possible. It was like my first week in Cairns: feeling lonely and sad. That’s also where I discovered that I had just 700 dollars left in my bank account. I decided to find a job as soon as possible and leave Sydney. I have found a farm job online situated in Mildura (state of Victoria). Actually, while I’m writing to you, I’m still in Sydney. My coach to Mildura is tonight at 8.00. Tomorrow I have a one day stop in Melbourne (how lucky! It’s the only city left on my bucket list) and then I have a coach at night that will bring me to Mildura.

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