Need To Reconnect With Nature

Tuesday, April 25 2017

I went to town to buy a bicycle but I realised that with not having a home and not being sure of staying in Oban at the end of my contract, it was wiser not to buy one.

I discovered a very interesting blog to teach myself the basics of photography. I haven’t been to any of the islands yet, as I am waiting to buy more equipment for my camera and for good weather to do the crossing. In Oban, in the only camera shop of the town, I was told I had to go to Glasgow to buy all the camera gear I need.

I think the ideal would be to have a car, then I could even go to the islands if I want to reach the most remote hiking tracks. I’ve made up my mind: I am going to buy a car. And then, a bicycle.

Work is going very well. The team is nice and I love meeting customers, getting to know which country they come from, and what they are doing in Scotland. There are a lot of French people.

The most difficult part is the loneliness. Leaving everything, travelling alone and settling in another country can sometimes be difficult emotionally. I have to say that lately I’ve been a little bit sad and feeling lonely.

It’s time for me to cross the ocean and go hiking on the islands. I need to reconnect with who I am in order not to let the sadness eat me alive.

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