Looking For The Right Place

Friday, March 24th 2017


After two days, I was crying. I had nothing in common with the people at the hostel nor those in the village. Everyone was there to hike or climb mountains. They go to bed at 8.30pm and get up at 6.30am! The third day, Natalie arrived. She is from Glasgow. We went shopping so I could get walking shoes and a proper coat. With her car we went to Glenmore Forest and to Loch Morlich to hike. I really enjoyed it! She was walking faster than me but I really fell in love with it.

Then Claire arrived in Aviemore. She is from Dundee. She explained to me that there was a lot of jobs in her town and how beautiful it was with the river, the ocean and the countryside across the bridge. I had to go to St Andrews, it was my next destination because, although Aviemore gave me the love of hiking, it was too small of a town for me. St Andrews is across the bridge from Dundee so I decided to go to Dundee.


The fourth biggest city of Scotland, Dundee does not exist in my tourist guides. Claire warned me that it was not a city for tourism. Indeed, the city had not much attraction except its ocean and countryside. I didn’t find people particularly warm. The next day I went to spend the day in St Andrews. It’s a lovely little town well-known for golf. Back in Dundee, I wasn’t feeling comfortable in the hostel, the city’s only one… No ambiance, no communication between people… I decided to leave one day before schedule to go back to Edinburgh for a day to see my friends from the hostel. I also needed to pick up my mail, which included my national insurance number, without which I can’t work in Scotland and which is necessary to open a bank account.

The rest of my plan was to spend the weekend in Glasgow to attend a forum on hiking in the mountains and then go to the town of Oban, but once in Edinburgh I felt too tired and I preferred to stay to rest and enjoy being with my friends.

The following week I was on my way to Oban, a harbour town situated on the west coast of Scotland in the Highlands, and the entrance gate to the islands. There are a lot of places to hike and bicycle.

First goal, find a job. Plan B, go to Fort William. Plan C, go back to Edinburgh.

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