Job Opportunities

Saturday, June 16th 2018

I am lost again. A month and a half ago I quit my job as a housekeeping supervisor. It was too much pressure for me and I had a problem with the lack of organisation of the hostel as well as with the communication between the manager and the teams of different departments. I had problems with my team; they thought I was too individual and I thought they were not working to the best of their abilities. So, I quit.

I went to a lot of recruitment agencies to try to find an administrative job, but except for working in call centres there is not much. Eventually, I got a phone call from one of the agencies. The job is to work in a call centre for a bank. I went to a meeting where I sat with three other people and listened to a woman making a presentation of the bank we could maybe work for. It was followed by a presentation of the recruitment agency itself. After filling in loads of paperwork, I was told that I will receive a phone call the next week to indicate the next step. The next week I had a phone call to tell me that the position I applied for was “on hold” and I was asked if I agreed to submit my CV to the same bank but for a different position. I said yes. I was again told that I will receive a phone call the next week to indicate the next step. The next week I received an email to tell me that I will have an interview the following Monday.

In the meantime, after a month of unemployment, I started to run out of money. I thought the quickest way to find a job was to go to a recruitment agency to work in a factory. I didn’t know at the time that the agency I went to was working for only one big company. I had a group meeting that was unbelievable, in the bad sense of the term! We were about twenty people sitting in a waiting room which included computers and two desks. We had to fill in loads of paperwork before being interviewed. The interview took place at one of the two desks that was in the waiting room, in front of everyone. It consisted of knowing if you had any health problems and were fit to work in a factory. Then, they give you a quick test which consists of answering simple questions of logic, and then you take an alcohol and drug test. To finish, you give them your logic test back, which they never look at, before they ask the group: “ok, who can start tomorrow?”. For those who couldn’t the answer was: “Ok, you can go home, we will give you a call if there is space next week”. This group meeting lasted three hours! I had a phone call yesterday; I can start next Monday.

Still, in the meantime… I’ve always wanted to go back to the west coast of Scotland. Fewer people, fewer cars, fewer buses, quieter and more peaceful. Aidan, who has his family and friends on the east coast, was not really keen on the idea. Nonetheless, he loves travelling the west coast and the Highlands on his motorbike. After a weekend away, he came back and showed me a job advert for a couple to work on an estate as caretakers on the west coast. We sent our applications and they contacted us. We went to the interview yesterday. If we are successful, it will be a total change of life. We will live on the estate in a cottage. It’s a remote place by the sea not far from Oban! We are waiting for a phone call at the beginning of next week. If we are successful, we will be invited to a second interview but this time we will sleep over to get the feel of the place.

And this is where I am lost. We have headed to the west coast for this interview, I am having an interview to work for a bank in a call centre next Monday at 10am and on the same day at 1pm I will start a new job in a factory in Dunfermline. As much as I want this job on the west coast, it scares me as it would be a total change of life. Even though this is the kind of life I would be very happy to live, it would be an enormous change! Not to mention that it would be the first time Aidan and I have lived together.

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