Friendship And Unexpected Decision

August 2014

I think that you can learn from everyone you meet in your life. Every person who crosses your path has something to teach you. I don’t underestimate the relationships I have created with the other foreign people in Australia. I have learnt a lot from them through their culture and also through their lives, their pasts, their plans for the future, their mistakes, their joys and their fears. I really would like to keep some of them with me forever but I can’t because they are not here to stay.

I’m in Australia not only because I want to move forward with my life but also because I would like to build a kind of family. A family I would have chosen made of friends I can see in my everyday life but I have realized that, with the people I have met here, it’s not possible because they are going to leave one day. I know that anyone can leave some day, even those you expect to stay in your life.  What I mean is, besides having my friends here who I really do love, I need to meet other people who I will be able to see regularly and who are not going to break my heart by going back to their country soon.

That’s why I would like to meet Australian people.  That said, for nothing in this world I would change my journey thus far because I’m more than happy to have had the opportunity to meet wonderful people from all around the world and to have learnt from them. I would change that for nothing! And I’m going to miss them enormously! I know that it is selfish to avoid friendship just because people are going to leave and that is not what I’m doing here.  It’s just that I came to Australia to build a new life and I didn’t expect that I would become friends with people (so quickly and so deeply) who are going to leave me so soon. But like I said, but like I said, I have no regrets because I have met wonderful people who are going to stay in my memories forever.

Actually, I feel really sad because I have made a decision: I’m leaving Perth. Just the idea of leaving my friends makes me cry, but I really have to do it because I have to think about me and I don’t feel good here anymore. I’m used to living surrounded by the sea and the countryside and it’s been two months since I’m in Perth and I’ve begun to feel like I can’t breathe anymore. I miss the calm and the quiet of the countryside, I miss the ocean. I have always wondered which life I would prefer: being in the city or being in the country. Something I have always known is that I am made to live near the sea. Now, after two months in Perth, I feel like I need to breathe and, especially, that I have to see how it is to live in the countryside in Australia.

The reason for this decision is deeper than that.  When I look for a job in the city, I feel like I don’t want to do the kind of job I’ve always done anymore. The biggest part of my professional life has been in social welfare. I deeply need to seek elsewhere; I need to find out what I really want and where I am really going to thrive. I have the feeling that I can keep searching everywhere but the day I will really thrive will be the day I have found a ‘family’.

Wherever you go, you will feel good only when your heart does. It can only feel that way when you share your life with others, when you open up to people and let them in. So that is what I’m going to do: join one of my friends (who I met in Perth) who lives outside the city and see if I can feel like home. So now I’m giving up all my plans (I wanted to move to a city in Australia in order to settle and work as a social worker) because nothing ever happens the way we would like it to and that is life: unexpected and full of surprises. Now I’m actually ready to live my journey as it should have been since the beginning. I just have to breathe and let myself go despite the fear.

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