Finally Settled

Sunday, April 9th 2017

Back to Scotland, in Glasgow, after a week spent at my flat in France, I am now waiting for the bus that will take me back home to Oban.

From Dundee, I had sent my CV to a hostel in Oban, as they were looking for a receptionist. When I arrived in Oban, I decided to stay in the hostel I had applied at. Two weeks later, after an interview, the manager tells me that I’ve got the job and that I will start on the 10th of April, working until the end of October in a full-time position. I am over the moon because, since my first day in Oban, I have felt at home. Ocean, boats, hiking, views of some islands…As of next week, I will move to the flat situated at the back of the hostel where three other employees already live. The rent is £60 per month, bills included.

So that’s the reason why I went back to France: to empty my flat and give the key back. I went to see my cousin and my friends. I have no regrets about leaving this country, but I am sad to leave my flat as it is the first flat in which I’ve felt I thrived and where I rebuilt myself. I am going to miss my cousin and my friends, but I know I will see them again one day. I couldn’t see my mum or the rest of my family this time but I will miss them a lot.

Anyway, here I am, back to Scotland, tired and wondering if I have taken the right decision. I KNOW it’s the right decision but I am afraid. What to expect? Am I going to make it in this job? Is everything going to be ok living in this flat with my co-workers? Will I make friends? One thing is for sure, I will take a lot of photographs with my first brand new camera, and I will hike and buy a bicycle.

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