I often hear people saying about other people that they are courageous. Most of the time they are right, but in some cases they are wrong. They confuse true courage with what they think to be courage.

Indeed, there are actions that we consider as evidence of courage but the truth is that sometimes it’s not. Courage, in my opinion, is to face our deepest fears and fight them, to open up our eyes to them and not to be afraid, to be free from all suffering that we inflict on ourselves. Here lies the courage: in our deepest self when facing our greatest fears. This is why an act considered brave in the eyes of one person may not be seen as such by the person who performed the action because, for them, the act itself may not be frightening but simply an action that seems natural to them.

Before considering someone as brave, ask yourself if they are facing one of their greatest fears or acting free of it. 

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