Back “Home”

May 23rd, 2015

Over a year ago, I was on a plane to Australia. I took my luggage that contained my whole life and I had one and only one goal: succeed in order to never go back to my country. Well… I’m back. Back to France. Back to this country I felt I didn’t belong to, and now that feeling has got worse since my return a month ago. I feel like I’m dying here. Especially in a big city like Paris.

I didn’t want to go back to my hometown because I thought it would be easier and faster to get a job in a big city rather than in a small one. And I wanted to get a job (any job) quickly to be able to save money and to organize a plan to escape from this kind of life. There is no way I am staying in my country. I’ve never wanted to settle here before and, after a year spent in Australia discovering how nice, amazing and open-minded people can be outside that “French bubble of negativity”, my mind is set, I am definitely not staying here!

So where will I go then? Which country? My second choice was Canada but it’s not as easy as it was to get the Working Holiday Visa for Australia. Besides, I have to wait an entire year before the Canadian government opens the applications for the new visas for French people (you can apply only once a year for that kind of visa for Canada and I missed this year’s round). The last country I thought about was Ireland. Why Ireland? Because I come from a Celtic part of France and the only thing I missed while I was away was the Celtic culture.

So here I am, back to France and the first week was tough. Sometimes I was talking to people in English, I was going to sleep at 7pm to wake up at 5am and I found myself surrounded by the negative French mentality and narrow-minded French people… the only good thing (besides my friends and family) was the French food! Fortunately, I was staying at my cousin’s and my mum came for a week to visit (no one in my family, except my cousin, lives in Paris). It felt really good to be with them!

The week after, my cousin and I went to another part of the country where most of my relatives live. Again, it was great to see everybody and to talk about my journey in Australia. Then, I tried to get all my paperwork done (medical insurance etc.). I knew it would be hard. It was like: “No, you came to the wrong place, you have to go to another place”. At the other place: “No, we don’t do that anymore, you have to call and get an appointment with someone else”. To get an appointment: “Not before next month and your case will be processed within 2 or 3 months”. Well… don’t ask me why I have run out of money… I spent all of it to get to those places by bus or the subway and you cannot have any discount on the price because, to do so, you have to get your paperwork done!

Do you understand now how unbelievable the French system is?… And, of course, I had to buy food. Now I have nothing left and no sign of medical insurance or money from the government. Fortunately, one night, my luck changed. My cousin invited two of her friends for dinner. One of them worked in a call centre for a medical assistance. She told me they were looking for several people to work for the summer. I applied for the job and, after 2 interviews, I was hired.

First part of my plan to go to Ireland: done! I’ve got the job! I will start on the 1st of June to early October and then I will fly to Dublin. I don’t know how it’s going to be over there but I’m sure it’s going to feel like home. And if not, I can still try to apply for a visa to go to Canada next year… But for now, let’s work until October and then go to Ireland.

New plan, new adventure. Let’s hope this time it works!

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