June 2017

Still no car nor bicycle, but I do have all the gear for my camera. At work, everything is fine. The hostel I am working for is a worldwide brand. One of them, on the isle of Mull is situated in the little town of Tobermory. Mull is an island which is an hour’s crossing from Oban. As it is a very small hostel, there are only two members of staff. When one is going on holiday, someone from our hostel goes there to replace them. I wanted a change and the chance to go to a Scottish island, so I asked my manager if I could be the one to go and she said yes.

I don’t know about Scotland but in my country, there is a saying that goes, “love happens when you least expect it”. I’ve always found this saying stupid because, like I said to my cousin, how can it happen when you least expect it when you expect it at all times? Anyway, on an island, in a little town, it was the first time in my life that I really, really, really didn’t expect love to find me!

I put on my walking shoes, which were at the time almost ready for the bin, my old blue jeans and my waterproof jacket. No make-up. Arriving in the town of Craignure by boat, I took the bus that would take me to Tobermory. It started pouring rain and I was soaked by the time I arrived at the hostel. Bad luck: the hostel was closed and was re-opening at 5pm. It was 2pm. Fortunately, the waiting room was open. I decided to leave my luggage there and look for food in town. It was still pouring rain after my lunch so I decided to wait at the hostel. In the waiting room were a group of motor bikers who had arrived whilst I was having my lunch. We introduced ourselves and started to talk; they were trying to explain to me the part of Scotland they were from. Seeing that I didn’t understand what they were telling me, one of them came to sit next to me to show me on Google Maps. They were from the East coast, the region of East Lothian, bordering Edinburgh. This guy was very nice, as were his friends. Then, a couple of French people came in. I had met them previously at the hostel in Oban, where they were customers. We all started to chat and then the motor bikers decided to go for a beer. I had to stay and I was sad to see this nice guy leaving. But, obviously, they were staying in this hostel so I would see him again. Besides, they invited the French couple and me to join them later on for a drink at the pub.

We all met again at the pub in the evening. I was sitting far from this nice guy, but as the night wore on, more and more people went to bed, which was very convenient as it left the French couple, me, this nice guy and his best friend. The nice guy’s name was Aidan. We started to talk and couldn’t stop. We all came back to the hostel where we exchanged contact info in case we did not see each other the next morning. We got lucky though and saw each other again the next day and had breakfast together. He explained to me that he would like to get to know me better and I said the same. Since that day we have exchanged numerous text messages and phone calls getting to know each other. I went to Edinburgh a few times to see him and he came to Oban. After a few dates, I had a boyfriend!

I didn’t want to tell him at the time, but I had made the decision to move back to Edinburgh to take a photography class and find an English teacher to improve my English. He was now another reason for me to go to Edinburgh. I found a flat in Dunfermline, which is in the county of Fife (30min from Edinburgh) and I was transferred from the hostel in Oban to the hostel in Edinburgh, but this time as a housekeeping supervisor. My life has finally started to take shape.

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