3 Days Before Departure

June 2014

I spent a year organizing my trip to Canada, which city to go to, what kind of job I could find, the food, animals, places to visit… The Working Holiday Visa for Canada is not an easy one to get but it is doable. This was true a week before I applied for the visa… Just before I started the paperwork, they decided to make it more complicated to get! I am not a patient person, far from it! And the new procedure system was taking too much time and didn’t guarantee getting the visa at the end, unlike the former system. Disappointed, I decided to find out what other countries on the list of the WHV website could provide me with a visa as soon as possible and in the easiest way possible. I found out that this country was Australia! I had no information about Australia except images in my mind of kangaroos, koalas, poisonous snakes and dangerous spiders. I decided to apply anyway. One hour later, I had my visa to Australia.

I am now 3 days away from the start of a new, exciting life in a country I know little about. The fear that lies dormant in me wakes me up and makes me wonder what has been happening in my head to take such a decision! I don’t speak fluent English so it will be very difficult to live my life on a daily basis and even more to find a job. People who know me well could have warned me and said: “What are you going to do there? All your life you haven’t stopped taking bad decisions and this one is the worst!”. Instead they are encouraging me, thinking that it is the decision that fits me best. I am an only child and I fear the community life in hostels, I can already see my savings go up in smoke, and I imagine myself realizing that, even though this adventure will make me grow one way or another, I will not be able to find my place.

Fortunately, from time to time, the part of my mind that is full of hope and willingness calms me down and, in an almost serene state of mind, tells me that the whole of life is an adventure and what is made for me won’t go by me: just breathe and let go. I have the ability to quickly question my assumptions and get back on my feet whenever I fall. I speak English enough to make my days liveable, not all the jobs require me to speak, and I am sociable and communicative enough to live in community.  Besides, I’m not afraid to meet people. As for my savings, there are many ways to stay in Australia without money, by doing woofing or HelpX, for example, which means being given a bed and food in return for farming work.

Despite this, it is the fear that takes the advantage for the moment. I think (and hope) it will evaporate slowly upon my arrival at the airport.

Do not panic. Breathe. Everything will be alright.

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